UFA, OCTOBER 22-25, 2019

Borgoyakov S. A. Development of ethno-linguistic education of the native peoples of Russia in the context of ethno-linguistic policy of the state

Abdrafikova G. H. On the little-known work of S. Miras .

Abduvaliev I. On the verbal bases of the Turkic languages

Abdullina L. Kh. The enlightenment and society

Abzalova L. F. The role of folklore holidays in preserving the native language

Aminev Z. G.  About  some  place  names of the Southern Urals, having East Iranian roots  .

Aplonova E. S. Methodological notes about corpus study of reported speech constructions in Bashkir using oral corpus references

Bayramgalina Z. I. Patriotic education in a modern school .

Baisheva A. G. Teaching the Bashkir language according to the Singapore system

Bakchiev T. A. The epic «Manas» in modern society

Bembeev E. On the creation of an explanatory dictionary of the Kalmyk heroic epos “Dzhangar” 

Bikbulatova G. Ya. The role of school, additional education, public organizations in development of the native language 

Borgoyakova T. N., Burnakova K. N. Functional-semantic field of the present time in the peoples’ Turkic languages of South Siberia 

Bochkarev V. V.  Computational  linguistics  and  intellectualtechnologies  in  linguistics 

Burykin A. A. Bashkir tale "Yerance-sesen" in the context of tales with fables of Turkish-Mongolian peoples  .

Buskunbaeva L. A. Features of functioning of turkism and regionalism in works of D. N. Mamin–Sibiryak  .

Valieva M. R. Ethymology of the Bashkir word ajgyr ‘stallion’.

Yorulmaz Gamze Initial phonem /t-/ in Kipchak dialects

Garipov T. M., Kapisheva T. Yu., Popova E. V. Russian-Armenian remotely related ethymological connections (in the light of the phonosemantic insights of M. Fasmer) 

Gedeeva D. B. Archival letters of the th century as monuments of Kalmyk business writing 

Gizzatullina G. M. Folk  pedagogy  in  Bashkir  munajats  about  knowledge  and education 

Girfanova F. A. From experience of teaching the Bashkir language and literature

Damineva D. R. The work of Nasruddin bin Burhanuddin Rabguzi “The lives of the prophets”  .

Djamankulova K. T. Historical parallels and intersections in the linguistic development of the Kyrgyz and Bashkir peoples 

Dyusenov B. D.  On  the  study  of  Arabo-Kypchak  dictionaries  of  the  state  of mamluks 

Jamsaranova P. G., Budaev H. C.  Historical antroponimies of the Khori-Buryat

Zinurova R. R. History of study, gathering Bashkir heroic tales

Ziyanbaev A. R. The role of synonyms in the formation of a civic position in the poem burning by Tuliakov Rais 

Ilimbetova A. F. Snake – patroness of heroes, families and kinds in the mythoritual tradition of the Bashkirs 

Isyangulov Sh. N. New options in Russian translation of Umran-Tabyn tree

Ishkildina L. K. Russian written sources on hydronymy of Bashkortostan (XVII-XVIII centuries) 

Ishmukhametova A. Sh. The borrowings in the epic «Ural-batyr» (The study is based on the Folklore Corpus of the Bashkir language) 

Kadirova E. Kh. Particle functions in the modern Tatar сolloquial speech

Karimova G. R. Lexico-semantic analysis tuj words in Bashkir language

Kaskinova G. N. Ideological and compositional features of the poem by Kadim Aralbay «Aksakal» 

Kilichov N. R. History of language and cultural memory of the people

Kulsarina G. G. Peculiarities of borrowed vocabulary functioning in the language of Bashkir folklore 

Maizina A. N. About the results of monitoring on the study of language situation in republic of Altai 

Mandzhiev B. B. Kalmyk folklore in the light of the latest research

Migranova E. V. To the problem of preservation of the Bashkir language

Migranova E. V., Mannapov M. M. Language preserving and self-consciousness of South Eastern Bashkirs 

Mirzaeva S. V. Eight Classes of Supernatural Beings in the Oirat Translation of the Sutra of Eight Luminaries (in Kalm. Nǝǝmn gegǝn)  .

Mugtasimova G. R.  Semantic  features  of  Tatar  proverbs  with  a  component-  zoonym 

Mulaeva N. M. Features of compatibility of adjectives denoting the negative form of the object (on the material of the National corpus of the Kalmyk language)

Mutallapova А. М. Proper names in the works of Sh. Babich

Nabiullina G. A., Yusupova A. Sh.  Cultural  and  value  orientations  verbal  behavior Tatars 

Nadergulov M. Kh. One of the latest letters of the Bashkir educator

Nadrshina F. A. Testament of the ancestors (From the history of collecting Bashkir folklore: the second half of the th century) 

Nazarova G. A. Speech is the being of the language .

Nafikov Sh. V. Certain typological parallels between austronesian and Uralo-Altaic languages exemplified by Tsou and Turkic, including Bashkir

Nurieva F. Sh., Petrova M. M., Sungatullina M. M. Person meaning vocabulary in grammar book «Institutiones linguae turcicae libri quatuor» («the basic rules of Turkish language») () by hieronymus megiser 

Nurmukhametova R. S. Names of jewelry as a reflection of the Tatars ethnic culture (based on materials of the Tatar dictionaries of the XIX-XXI centuries) .

Ozonova А. А.  Formation  of  the  fund  of  conjunctions  in  Altai  and  Bashkir languages 

Sadykova L. R. Preservation and transformatoin of language in immigration (by the example of Turkic-speaking diasporas abroad) 

Salahova R.R. Features of the translation of names of persons and in.terjections from Tatar to Russian(on the example of the works of F. Yarullin)

Samsitova L. H. Linguo-cultural aspects of the study of the Bashkir language

Sarieva K. S. Models of social being of the Kyrgyz in folk people .

Seleeva Ts. B.  Problems  of  preservation  of historical and cultural heritage of Kalmyk at the present stage 

Sibgaeva F. R. Symbolism of numbers in the Tatar language

Sirazhudinov R. M. Livestock vocabulary of small cattle in the Godobery language

Sirazitdinov Z. A. Electronic resources of Bashkir lexicography .

Sozinova E. M. Phytonyms in paremies (based on the material of similar proverbs and sayings of the Bashkir, Russian and English languages)

Sultangareeva R. A. Star mifology: tradition and modern preservation in memory of the people 

Turdubaeva N. Sh.  The  Bashkir  folklorist  Kayum  Miftakov  and  the  Kyrgyz  folklore  .

Usmanova М. G. About the future tense affix-ar/ -är

Fazullina L. R., Ashrapova A. Kh. Semantics and pragmatics of the concept “native language” in the Tatar language picture of the world

Fazylova F. S., Nafikov Sh. V.  Topic of the native language in the modern Bashkir lyrics (nd half of the XX – early XXI century)  .

Faizullina G. Ch., Ermakova E. N., Prokopova M. V. Variation in the field of Russian and Tatar phraseology 

Fedina N. N. The ablative in the Chalkan language

Hakimjanova A. M. Ritual folklore meeting brides

Harasova R. G., Ivanovа Yu. Yu., Filimonova N. V. Activity of associations "Irgiz", "Kurai" and "Museum business" in the issue of spiritual and moral development and national education of the young generation in modern conditions

Harasova R. G., Ivanova Yu. Yu. The language of my ancestors must not fade

Khasanzianova G. I. Translation peculiarities of economic terms from English into Tatar language from the point of their nominative structure

Khisamitdinova F. G., Mukhtarov T. G. Language situation in the republic of Bashkortostan and prospects of development of the Bashkir language

Khubbitdinova N. A. Bashkir word art and postmodernism: to the problem of reflecting folklore in literature  .

Khuzhina G. N. Reflection of dialectal features in the speech of pupils .

Husainova G. R. Spiritual treasures from the scientific archive

Chueva E. V., Nikolaeva T. S. Proverbs and sayings with the name of the elements in the Russian and Chuvash languages  .

Shamsutdinova G. G. A variant of the Bashkir folk epic «Kozykurpesh and Mayanhulu» recorded in  in village Mahmut of Beloretsk region (based on the materials of folklore corpus of the Bashkir language) 

Sharafutdinova Z. T. Nomination of faces in the Bashkir language judging by one’s inclination to falsehood  .

Ekba Z. N., Normanskaya Y. V., Karimova R. N. Lexical features of the «Russian-Bashkir dictionary» by V. V. Katarinsky ()

Eshonkulov Zj. S. Motive of miraculous birth in epos

Yuldybaeva G. V. Predictions and omens of Bashkirs: on expeditions material .

Yunusova F. B. Journalistic activity of Z. Biisheva

Yusupova A. Sh. Self-instruction of Gabdush Vagapov

Yusupova N. M., Yusupov А. F.  Aesopian  language  in  Tatar  poetry  of  the --ies 

Yagafarova G. N. The tertiary nomination in Turkic languages

Yakupov R. I. Cities as centers of transformation of Bashkir society and traditional culture 

Urtegeshev N. S. Cases of vowel lengthening in the Shor language

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